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MSO Group - An Overview

The succesful status of M S Oakes LTD is as a result of its own impressive growth and the acquisition of three reputable firms, making it the highly-accliamed and respected group it is today.

Mel Oakes founded his domestic construction company in 1967 and by 1998, only 31 years later, had acquired Brown & Sansom (EA) Ltd, Addleburgh Brickworks and Wm C Reade of Aldeburgh Ltd with its associated land bank, giving the firm a combined turnover in excess of £9 million.

Aldeburgh Brickworks had a lengthy history of traditional handmade brick making, daring as far back as 1648, a skill still needed for the highly specialist restoration and repair of listed and heritiage buildings.

The company was first mentioned in parish notes of 1840.Meanwhile, Reade's of Aldeburgh, founded in 1908, and a limited company since 1949, was one of the most respected building firms in Suffolk. In 1988 M S Oakes Ltd took over Brown & Sansom (East Anglia) Ltd enabling the company to diversify into civl engineering.

These three notable companies were anxious that their reputations and aspirations would be uphelp and so were delighted to become amalgamted with M S Oakes Ltd who shared their ideals and would take their vision forward. Continueing today, M S Oakes LTD continue to provide high quality, fast-track construction for many well-known clients and to uphold the fine traditions of craftmanship that it, and the companies it has acquired, have established over the years.